Get Your Taxes Done For Free!!


There is a FREE software and website available that anyone can use to prepare their Federal and State taxes online.  It is FREE to anyone who makes up to $64,000. is a H&R Block At Home software that is provided to you for FREE by United Way.  It is very user friendly and guides you to where information needs to be put in.  And if you encounter a problem, there is a toll free number to call that will connect you with a real live person who can assist you.  That number is 1-855-698-9435.

To get started on your taxes, go to


There are two ways to get your 2016 taxes done for free:

►Go to to do your taxes online from the comfort of your home if your income is $64,000 or less;

►or dial 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment with an IRS certified volunteer preparer.