2022 Volunteer Recognition

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2021 VOTY Nominees

Congratulations to all the winners!

At its annual volunteer recognition event on April 20, 2022, the Capital Area United Way honored 10 individuals and one company for giving thousands of volunteer hours to local organizations and nonprofits to help them provide valuable services to our community.  The winners are:

Jamie Rabe
Jamie Rabe, 2022 Walter A. Campbell Award Winner


Jamie Rabe has been selected to receive this year’s Walter A. Campbell award by prior award winners and current board members for the top volunteer of the year award.  Jamie is a Partner with the Michigan CPA firm of Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC.  She has over 19 years of experience providing auditing and financial reporting services to entities throughout Michigan including nonprofit organizations. She is an active community volunteer and is being recognized for serving on numerous committees and the board of directors since 2013.
Jamie has served and is currently serving in various capacities including:

•    Current member of the Board of Directors and is the current Chairperson
•    Served as Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Directors
•    Current Member of the Finance Committee
•    Served as Chair of the Finance Committee
•    Served on the Audit Committee as well as the Vice Chair of the committee
•    Former member of the Executive Committee
•    Current Member of the Women United Committee

Jamie exemplifies the awards criteria of commitment to volunteerism, sustained service, creativity in devising new and innovative ways to accomplish the organization’s mission, and outstanding service and inspirational leadership.




Breanna Pugh
Breina Pugh, 2021 Marion Marshall Award Winner


 2021 Corporate Partner of the Year Award Winner


Dominique Pruitt-Wright
Dominique Pruitt Wright, 2021 Youth Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

Dominique is a busy senior at Waverly High School in addition to her volunteer work in the community. She has risen above many difficult obstacles during her life, yet she has not allowed this to deter her focus on the things that matter maintaining an excellent academic record, making a difference in the world, and finding ways to improve each program she is involved with. Besides being a tech wizard, Dominique is a natural leader. She rises to leadership positions in many of the organizations she serves: Vice President of the National Honor Society, Treasurer of the Spanish Honor Society, President of the Black Student Union, Historian for the Student Government, Core Leader with Campus Life, Co-President of the Youth Action Committee, and Technology Instructor for Closing the Digital Gap, just to name a few! These successes have been achieved simultaneously while maintaining steady outside employment, working for the family business, and keeping her grades top notch. For a few years, Dominique also performed as an actress on a series of PBS TV shows about STEM - maybe you have seen her on TV! Dominique is involved in many organizations, and she reports approximately 60-70 hours of volunteering for 2020. I can vouch that for YAC alone she dedicated at least 25 hours, with 2-hour YAC meetings every month, service projects and reviewing grants on her own time.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith, 2021 Adult Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

Kevin Smith
In Memoriam
1955 - 2022

Kevin has demonstrated repeatedly that he is a selfless individual who will help anyone in need. For Kevin, volunteering and helping people in need is not just something he does because he's a volunteer, it is a way of life for him. Kevin has never failed to follow through on a commitment, decline a special request or practically serve as a ""volunteer on call,"" for TDP. His dedication to service and his demeanor makes him approachable and calming to our families that need transportation and resources for a seriously ill child. Kevin's level of service to our agency is unsurpassed. In 2021  alone Kevin donated 300+ hours. Using his own vehicle and gas he again went above and beyond accepting a late night request to drive a mother and child to a domestic violence shelter in
Jackson. He helped a homeless mother get and forth from a shelter in Mason so her child could receive medical care. Although not typical requests, Kevin was there to help as always!


Chierie Chieh
Chierie Chieh, 2021 Young Adult Volunteer of the Year Award Winner



Chierie is always first to volunteer when and where she is needed at the Woven Vessels International Ministry. Chierie empowers others, she is very creative and innovative and looks for ways to be inclusive. In addition to being the President of the Greater Lansing African Female Empowerment Program (GLAFEP), she is the Secretary of the Black Student Union, a three seasoned Varsity Cheerleader and Yearbook Editor at Waverly High School, she also is a member of the Media Team at Epicenter of Worship.  Her responsibility as a team member of the media team is to provide quality service for the broadcast to members/visitors via Facebook and You Tube each Sunday. Cherie gave 50+ hours in 2021 alone volunteering for Truck unloading in Detroit; WVI Mask Giveaway - Lansing Food Bank; Thanksgiving Food Distribution; Thursday Evening Bread Pickup; WVI/Zonta Speaker Series; WVI Backpack Giveaway.


Ron O'Connor
Ron O'Connor, 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


Ron O’Connor has spent his life in service to others and has spent the last twenty years running the First Presbyterian Church Food Pantry. Ron, who is now in his eighties, was a significant influence in moving the original pantry from a small closet organization to its current operation that serves over 6,000 individuals per year. He is at the church almost every day, making sure things are working well and people (clients and volunteers) are well cared for.  He makes sure all safety and other rules are followed but enforcement of those rules is done with respect and kindness.  Ron’s only concern is how to go about making sure people are receiving sustenance in an equitable way. Ron is never looking for recognition.  He tends to dodge the spotlight and go about his business as a strong leader, who is invisible. He highlights the work of others. He has been able to expand the use of people’s gifts and how they go about sharing themselves in working toward the common good. Ron’s style of leadership is that of someone who wants to empower others to use their gifts in positive ways to benefit all people.  Over his years of service, including throughout the entire pandemic, Ron has served unselfishly an average of more than 25 hours a week. It is very rare to visit the pantry and not see Ron.  He has only taken a day off if absolutely necessary, and that is a rare occurrence.  That means that over the 20 plus years that Ron has been serving the pantry, he has worked over 26,000 hours.


Lansing Community College
LCC C3R, 2022 CapCAN's College Access Champion Award Winner


CapCAN is delighted to recognize the C3R for it's leadership in innovative collective impact projects to support student transitions to postsecondary education.  Together K-12, higher education, and community partners have built systems within C3R to increase college access for special populations, starting with the Lansing Promise Senior Star events to address summer melt, extending Senior Star Day to support dual enrollment students as they transition to college, and now focusing on Ready for Launch to assist students on the autism spectrum to be successful in college. 

Congratulations to the Lansing Community College Coalition for College and Career Readiness or C3R!


CapCAN AmeriCorps College Access Champion
Sophia Mackoul, 2022 AmeriCorps College Access Champion Award Winner

Sophia has helped to expand many initiatives including the use of Xello, our college and career readiness platform by designing lessons for both the middle school and high school students, planned the financial reality store for our 8th graders. Sophia also led our FAFSA campaign and we are super close to our goal of 60% completion. Sophia has been a great addition to our counseling department.

Congratulations, Sophia!