Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship Programs are valuable ways to gain postsecondary skills and training on the job.  Michigan offers many options for apprenticeships through community colleges, union training centers, and companies.  To learn more about apprenticeship options please visit:

Going Pro

Skilled Trades are careers that often require less schooling and debt than a four-year degree. These jobs are in demand for fields like healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, construction and automotive. Once seen exclusively as a world of manual labor, today’s Skilled Trades jobs offer a wide array of opportunities for high school and community college students.

Employers in Michigan are now seeking talent to fill these roles more than ever before. With the skills you develop through professional trades careers, you can earn a great salary and benefits sooner than you imagined.

Capital Area Michigan Works!

Contact your local Michigan Works! Apprenticeship Success Coordinator to assist your company with developing an apprenticeship program or to assist with connecting career seekers to apprenticeship opportunities.

Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties

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Women in Skilled Trades

The WIST Apprenticeship Readiness Program (ARP) provides women with a 13-week introduction to construction skilled trades. Graduates of the WIST ARP are fully prepared to interview with one of the Building Trades Unions, to join their Apprenticeship Program, where they can continue their on-the-job training while getting paid.

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LEJATC:  Lansing Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee


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