Summer College & Career Exploration

Visit College Campuses with CapCAN!

Summer is a great time to explore colleges and careers by attending camps, college visits, and participating in summer jobs or internships. 

If you are interested in visiting a college campus during the summer please contact CapCAN at for more information about programs near Lansing and in the Upper Peninsula. Click HERE to view video from our last UP trip!



Summer Camp Programs promote college and career readiness. Colleges, high schools, nonprofits, and local communities host hundreds of different summer camp options. These camps provide meaningful learning opportunities for elementary and middle school students to try out careers, explore new topics, be creative, and promote skills like independence and organization that all help prepare them for life after high school. High school and college students gain valuable work experience to complement their academic life. Learn all about them below!

CapCAN encourages families to check out your local summer camp options early and ask about financial and transportation assistance.


Michigan State University Spartan Youth Programs (SYP) offer programs from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade including both day and overnight options. Browse the endless programs by clicking and submitting the student’s interest! Some programs even offer college credit. Visit  for more information.

Ingham Intermediate School District offers different summer programs during the summer for students of all grades. Want to learn more? Visit their website at

Lansing Community College offers a wide variety of summer programs for educational enrichment and sports through their LCC Youth Programs. Programs are offered year round so spots are filled quickly.  Applications and fees may apply. Please visit  for more information on how your students can be part of their summer program!

If you are a student with a strong interest in becoming a physician, Michigan State University runs a program that might be the right fit for you!  The Health Sciences Scholar Institute (HSSI) is an intensive non-residential program designed for students interested in the medical profession. Applicants will need to meet specific criteria to be accepted into the HSSI Program. The program meets Monday through Friday and will require daily attendance and participation at one of the three community sites that include Flint, Grand Rapids, and Greater Lansing. You can apply for the HSSI at this weblink. (

Science Focused Summer Programs:


Arts Focused Summer Programs:

History focused Summer Programs:

Other Summer Programs:


Are you a student who is interested in finding a summer job? How about a summer internship for professional development or experience? How about volunteerism? There are a lot of helpful community resources near you in that can assist you in finding a job opportunity, expand your professional experience, earn volunteer hours, and expanding your knowledge.

The Capital Area Michigan Works (CAMW) is a great way to start off in looking for employment during the summer or year round. This network of resources partners their clients with regional employers to fill job openings. Customers are assigned to specialists to math the individual with their job interests. CAMW serves students in the tri-county area who may be eligible for services. If you need assistance in looking for employment during the summer, please check out their website or call their customer service (1-800-285-9675) for assistance.

Another helpful employment resource is the Pure Michigan Talent Connect, an online marketplace connecting Michigan’s job seekers and employers. You can job search for a particular job title/field, explore careers in your desired interest, skilled trade opportunities, veteran resources, and employers’ options. Seasonal employment opportunities with the state of Michigan and local employers are featured now.

Seeking any type of professional development experience takes preparation for a successful first impression, especially during the interview process. Resumes are crucial screening tool from the employer’s perspective. A resume is a document that is used to present skills and experience of a person to be considered for an interview. Before submitting your resume to any employer, make sure you have it reviewed by another professional or individual to avoid pitfalls of spelling and grammar errors. In addition, different perspectives from people are beneficial considering the type of job you are applying for.  Remember that your resume is a working document as you earn more experience and grow professionally.  Always keep your resume up to date.

For more helpful tips on resume building…please visit:

The internet is a great way to start your search for employment. Most employers posting jobs on popular job search engines.

Internship and volunteer opportunities can also be essential when building your resume. These websites offer internship and volunteer opportunities for different areas of interest. The State of Michigan Internship Program or Michigan Non-Profit Association is one of many websites containing internship placement around the state of Michigan. Check their website for more information.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Please check with your counselor, college adviser, teacher, mentor or any school staff to ask about additional summer jobs and internships in your area.


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