Census 2020


Preparing for Census 2020

A complete and accurate census count is critical for the well-being of our community. Why? Because the census is used to set funding for everything from Medicaid to highway construction to K-12 education. To get the most for our community, we have to ensure all residents are counted.

That’s why the Michigan Nonprofit Association and the Capital Area United Way is managing the Census Hub for the tri-county area. Census Hubs are part of the Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign, a collaborative, coordinated, statewide effort to encourage participation in the 2020 census in communities that are at significant risk of being undercounted.

Grants will be awarded to organizations who will:

  • Educate and encourage historically undercounted communities to complete the 2020 census.
  • Provide opportunities for those you serve/represent to complete the 2020 census.

Grant recipients are key to the success of the campaign. As trusted entities, local organizations know their neighborhoods and those they serve best. Grants will be provided to organizations that have a demonstrated history of working with hard-to- count and historically undercounted populations and have a clear vision on how to increase participation in the 2020 Census, scheduled to be conducted from March to June 2020.

For information on how to apply for a grant, click HERE.