Community Grants


Capital Area United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community and goes beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in our community.  By bringing people and organizations together around innovative solutions, we impact thousands of lives every year.  Through community grants, important charitable programs are made available within our community and those grants support worthy programs in our area through the grant process and other community projects. The grant process is competitive and many qualified organizations are funded, but some very worthy programs do not get grant funding because the amount of requests far exceeded the available funds.

Many people participate in the United Way program because we are all passionate about helping people and meeting the many charitable needs in Mid-Michigan. If you are interested in participating in the funding process, please call Pat Hemingway at 517-203-5022.
Capital Area United Way has established three action areas on which to focus community resources. These three areas serve as the framework for United Way grant allocations, as well as directing the use of our human resources.
Priority Areas are:


This year’s grant-making process involved over 50 community volunteers to read, discuss, and evaluate program proposals. Thanks to the amazing generosity of community members, $753,500 was granted to 57 programs. Grant allocations this year were focused on emergency needs, funding shelter, healthcare for the uninsured, and the protection and security of our children. Programs in the three community Priority Areas were awarded to grants committed to measurable outcomes, ensuring that donor dollars are used efficiently and effectively.