Financial Stability

Collaborative programs in our “Financial Stability Priority” center on helping individuals and families pave a path to financial independence with resources to secure and maintain safe, affordable housing, build savings and assets, and maximize income/work supports and access.

Lead Agency:     Housing Services of Mid-Michigan                                           

Partners:             Advent House Ministries

                             Child and Family Charities


This collaborative focuses on providing case management services to McKinney-Vento* homeless youth to assist them in finding housing outside of the traditional shelter space. Additionally, resources through this program will include direct financial assistance for their first month’s rent, and financial literacy and self-advocacy skill-building to help them end generational poverty and homelessness throughout Eaton and Ingham counties. (* McKinney-Vento homeless children’s families do not qualify for HUD homeless funds)


Goal 1: To help individuals and families achieve financial stability.


Outcome: Youth, ages 16-24, will receive opportunities and support needed to earn a life-sustaining wage, individuals and families will obtain financial literacy and maintain financial health, and individuals and families will have adequate and sustainable resources to support their needs including job skills training.


Goal 2: To improve family stability and well-being.


Outcome: Individuals and families will obtain and maintain safe and stable housing, individuals and families will have access to essential life-sustaining resources, such as financial aid, medical care, food, and clothing during crisis.