History of United Way

The Community Welfare Fund was organized in 1919 by Ray Potter, W. H. Prudden, Frank N. Arbaugh, C.E. Bement, Donald E. Bates, and Charles W. Nichols as a community process for dealing with the large number of charitable solicitations being made.
The first fund-raising campaign raised $64,000 with approximately 3,000 contributors. Since 1919, the annual campaigns have raised over $300 million – more than $50 million in the last ten years – to meet the health and human care needs of this community.
Over the years, there have been several names changes with the organization becoming the Capital Area United Way in 1973. Capital Area United Way now serves the people of Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties. More than 3,000 local volunteers participate in various aspects of the operation and decision-making of the organization each year.
In 2019, Capital Area United Way marked its 100th anniversary.  Visit micauw.org/100th-anniversary to read more about the history of United Way.



Board Chair

Campaign Chair

2019 Scott Keith Kellie Dean
2018 L. Robert McConnell Yvonne Caamal Canul & Jeff Benson
2017 L. Robert McConnell Sam Clark
2016 Dorothy Maxwell     April Clobes
2015 Dorothy Maxwell   Mojo
2014 Keith Williams   Jason Colthorp/Sheri L. Jones
2013 Keith Williams  Andre Hutson/Patrick McPharlin
2012 Harry H. Johnson Evan Pinsonnault/Tony Conley
2011 Jerry Ambrose Harry H. Johnson
2010 Jeff Fineis Tico Duckett
2009 Glenn Granger Kip Bohne/Jane Aldrich


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