VITA Volunteers

Orientation Dates

For Lansing:


If you are unable to attend one of the above sessions but are still interested in volunteering, please contact Nick Miller at or call our office at 517-203-5014.



Training Sessions for Tax Preparers

WILL BE SCHEDULED IN DECEMBER 2019. Please return to this page for further updates.


All training sessions are mandatory and will take place at the South Washington Office Complex, located at 2500 S. Washington Avenue, Lansing MI  48910



Why is this important?
As a volunteer you provide an invaluable service to your friends and neighbors.  Last year, each hour-long session provide by volunteers resulted in an average refund of more than $1,000 and close to $200 in tax preparation fees saved. All told more than $5 million in economic benefit was provided to the community.

Why am I important?
Beyond the reasons listed above, we need your help to reach more folks. Nationwide the VITA program only reached 2.5% of the eligible population.  Here in the Capital Area, we doubled this number, but know that 5% is still unacceptable and our primary barrier to being the execption to that statistic is the number of volunteers that join our program, so you and the hours you contribute truly matter.


Position Descriptions