Women United



Dynamic Women Making a Difference

The Capital Area United Way Women United encourages, educates and energizes women to make a difference in our community through philanthropy.

Capital Area United Way is inviting your company to get involved and help make a difference in young lives in the tri-county area.

The Women United invites you to join us in positively impacting young girls’ lives and improving their educational development and success. Women United brings a unique group of companies, organizations and women together who recognize pressing needs in our community and want to make a difference in educational development. These investments will help ensure that every middle-school aged girl can achieve success.


Get involved by:

Time - Volunteer to be a mentor for a middle-school girl in the area.

Talent - Give your talent by volunteering to serve on a committee or subcommittee of the CAUW Women’s Leadership Council.

Treasure - Your gift will positively impact the lives of young girls in the tri-county area.



To mobilize the power of women to advance the Common Good in our tri-county area.

Objectives - Members united by concern to raise awareness, financial support and volunteerism to address the lack of academic achievement in middle school girls.

Goal - Introduce middle school girls to the diversity of STEAM career paths (science, technology, engineering, art, math) in an age-appropriate and exciting environment to pique their interest in those fields.

For additional information, please contact Michelle Lantz.